Benefits & Services

The HKDSA aims to provide the following services and benefits to members:

Education / Accreditation

The HKDSA is not be in the business of directly providing training or education on safe and responsible drone use. Rather, the Association aims to offer evaluation and assessment of a member’s competence in safe drone flying, from which they would receive a certificate or competence level code. This will be shown on the HKDSA membership card. Members will be expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the HKDSA regarding responsible drone use and operations.

Training Encouragement

The HKDSA aims to negotiate discounted fees for our members with recognised drone training schools and organisations in Hong Kong, in order to encourage members to take next-level training courses, according to their area of interest. This may include specialist training in areas like drone racing techniques, aerial photography and video, as well as professional (commercial) pilot training for those that wish to pursue a career in the drone-related industries.

Drone Racing & Competitions

Drone racing is one of the most exciting and fastest-growing sports in the world today. Embraced by the younger generation, drone racing is growing at an incredible pace in the Asian region. 

The inaugural FAI World Drone Racing Championship was held in Shenzhen in November 2018, and drone racing will be included in the quadrennial National Games of China in 2021. There are also advanced discussions going on to include drone racing in the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. 

The goal of HKDSA is to introduce and promote this exciting new sport to a wider audience in Hong Kong, and to propel it towards becoming a mainstream spectator sport, as well as an exciting recreational activity.

The HKDSA would act as a supporting organiser, authorised by the FAI, for any drone racing events undertaken or organised in Hong Kong. FAI-accredited racing events would be subject to the rules and safety regulations governing all drone racing events under the FAI worldwide.

HKDSA will do its utmost to ensure safety and professionalism in drone racing by applying FAI standards to races it either sanctions or organises, and by promoting appropriate guidelines to hobbyists and newcomers in the sport.

Industry Representation

The HKDSA would represent and promote the interests of the professional and business drone community in Hong Kong, liaising with government and other interested parties to support and encourage the growth of commercial drone services and applications in Hong Kong, within the parameters of operational safety and data privacy.