About the HKDSA

Our Mission and Vision

The Hong Kong Drone Sports Association (HKDSA) aims to promote and support all forms of recreational, competitive and commercial drone and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) activities in Hong Kong, within an environment of safety, responsibility and mutual respect.

The emergence of drones or UAVs for a wide variety of public and private activities represents perhaps one of the most significant advancements in aviation since the beginning of flight. Rapid advancements in the technology have also presented unique challenges (and opportunities) to the growing UAV community and industry, and to those who support it. 

Drones have the potential to create issues in the dense and heavily populated areas of Hong Kong, and these issues need to be addressed, because the long term future of drones will depend on their responsible and safe use. The Hong Kong drone community, and the UAV industry, has an obligation to conduct operations in a safe manner — one that minimises risk and instils public and regulatory confidence in the sector.

The HKDSA aims to represent the interests of drone users and the drone community at all levels, including enthusiasts, hobbyists, drone sports competitors, and industry professionals by promoting the safe and responsible use of drones, encouraging and supporting drone training at all levels, and promoting an understanding of current regulations and guidelines in the areas of

  1. airspace rules and air safety,
  2. public security and safety, and
  3. personal privacy and data protection.

The HKDSA aims to represent not just the drone community, but also the drone industry and profession in Hong Kong (including but not limited to drone retailers, drone training organisations, drone service professionals and drone manufacturers & developers).

We want to play a part in helping shape government policy to the benefit of the future strategic direction of drones, the drone community, and all UAV interested parties in Hong Kong.